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Une Commande MPPT(P&O) appliquée a un Filtre Actif Solaire Hybride

Show simple item record Elabed SidAli, Zeghlache Khaled 2024-05-15T11:14:56Z 2024-05-15T11:14:56Z 2023-07-04
dc.description.abstract The hybrid active power filter consists of a parallel active power filter and a parallel low pass filter. This filter works in an ideal way as it combines the advantages of the parallel filter and the passive filter, which means that all impurities in the voltage and current signal can be filtered and all power quality problems in the electrical network can be filtered. In this research, a we used a two-level inverter and series of solar panels with a capacity of 50 kW were used to feed the active filter and provide the electric grid with the effective energy required for the loads. The supply of electrical energy to the grid depends on the value of the load, the frequency of the network, the energy provided by the solar panels, and the power factor at the point of connection of the filter. In this research, the working principle of these filters will be explained with the mathematical analysis of these filters and the mathematical analysis of non-sinusoidal waves. And study the voltage and current in the research elements in different cases. This system has shown a high ability to delete all impurities in the electrical network , in addition to the ideal ability to improve the power factor and support the electrical network with energy generated from solar cells. This system is considered unique due to the accuracy of its work and its ability to overcome obstacles. en_US
dc.language.iso fr en_US
dc.publisher faculté des sciences et de la technologie* univ bba en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries ;EL/M/2023/31
dc.title Une Commande MPPT(P&O) appliquée a un Filtre Actif Solaire Hybride en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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